My first Bash script

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You will create a number of scripts in Bash that perform certain predefined tasks.


You have the knowledge corresponding to Chapter 24 “Writing Your First Script” in the book The Linux Command Line or “Writing Shell Scripts”.


The files you create and use in this task should be saved in your course repo in the directory me/kmom02/script. They are used to report the task.

All scripts should be executable, so be sure to set the permissions on the scripts to be executable.


  1. Create a script hello.bash that prints the text “Hello World\n”.

  2. Create a script argument.bash that prints the passed argument. Ex: “./argument.bash test me” should print “test me”.

  3. Create a script if_1.bash that handles an argument, a number, which checks if the argument is larger than 5 using an if statement. Ex: ./if_1.bash 7 should return “7 is greater than 5” and ./if_1.bash 3 should return “3 is NOT greater than 5”.

  4. Create a script if_2.bash that handles an argument, a number, and prints “Higher!” if the argument is higher than 5, “Lower!” if it is lower and “Same!” if it is the same.

  5. Create a script argument_2.bash that handles different arguments.

    1. If the argument is “d” then “date” should be printed, ie today’s date
    2. If the argument is “n”, the script should print all digits from 1 to 20, tip: {1..20}.
    3. If the argument is “a”, the next argument should be printed, if two arguments are passed. If the number of arguments passed is lower or higher than 2, the following will be printed: “Missing arguments”.
  6. Create a script forloop.bash that prints the numbers 10 to 20 using a forloop.

  7. Create a script myFunction.bash containing a function, greet (). Call the function to print “Hello $USER”.

  8. Publish your answers as follows.

# Stand in the course folder
dbwebb publish script

Correct any errors that pop up and publish again. When it looks green you are done.

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