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Looking to HTML Cheat Sheet

InläggPostat: 17 dec 2019, 07:41
av shivambhatele
Hello Everyone, Can anyone suggest me some basic HTML coding sytax or provide me cheat sheet. I am looking to HTML cheat sheet or explore more in HTML coding part to improve my knowledge. I am new in this community, So If anyone suggest me some tips and triks to improve coding part in HTML, its help to me.

Re: Looking to HTML Cheat Sheet

InläggPostat: 17 dec 2019, 14:32
av bobbzorzen
So, when it comes to using HTML nowadays you wanna think about the separation of content and style, so elements like <i> or <b> are a bit problematic. They mix style with content.

Instead maybe look at this pdf ... -Sheet.pdf it seems to have fairly good descriptions of the different tags, what they are used for, when and why.

You should only use html to describe the content as informatively/semantically as possible. Any effort to make your website look a certain way should be done with CSS. (the same site has a cheat sheet for css but it's much more dense and less educational ... -gdocs.pdf)

Another good way to broaden your skills is to take the courses offered at BTH in just these subjects. See:

Or if you have any more specific questions you can join the IRC: