Backend developer - node.js and AWS

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Backend developer - node.js and AWS

Inlägg03 feb 2020, 11:46

  • Highly proficient in developing for Node.js
  • Very experienced in setting up and deploying to backends on AWS
  • A generally awesome person :D
You will help our customers manage equipment at large construction sites like Slussen, Hisingebron and a few hundred others.

We offer
  • A city center office
  • A small (3 people), agile and generally awesome development team
  • Close cooperation with the sales, support and customers <3
  • Lots of tricky, real-world problems to solve with high quality code
  • A full-time position (40h/week)

Please send an email to, if you think you’re the one we seek.

More about EquipmentLoop

EquipmentLoop is a digital platform helping construction companies to reduce cost and carbon footprint through increased transparency and control of their temporary equipment, such as machines, tools, safety material and formwork.

Our vision is to have the right machine in the right place at the right time, thanks to simplified ways of working, digital tools and intelligent data management and insights. Because by utilizing our assets more efficiently, we can all help lower construction costs, while ensuring that we leave our planet in a better condition than we found it. And that is what EquipmentLoop is all about.

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