Full Stack Developer sökes till Kommuninvest (Örebro)

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Full Stack Developer sökes till Kommuninvest (Örebro)

Inlägg29 apr 2019, 14:47

Our next generation services are being developed closely together with our customers in an agile approach, and this changes how we operate and interact with our customers significantly. Kommuninvest is moving deal-making processes online within our widely-used platform of applications for financial management.

Our agile team comprises a product owner, process developer, IT architect and UX, test and system developers. Its goal is to automate the lending process by building digital solutions that make things easier for our customers and more streamlined for our employees. We are now strengthening this team by adding a system developer fluent in scrum/agile, DevOps and continuous delivery.


- Help process requests/requirements and develop good UX.
- Convert requests/requirements into functional code.
- Continuously improve the team's methodology and practice.
- Respond to administrative requests and incidents (office hours).


- Serverless architectures in Azure.
- Continuous delivery/integration.
- Scrum/agile methodologies.
- Previous exposure to flow in DevOps practice.
- Test-driven development and automated system tests.
- Integration development.
- Technology procurement and assessment competence (development).

Personliga egenskaper

As an applicant, you must be interested in new technology, new methodologies and using your own creativity. You are used to working in a team and you contribute to reach shared goals. You remain calm in the face of disruptions. To work efficiently and sustainably, you communicate and re-assess priorities.

Just as important as having proven knowledge and skills, we expect you share our values and act to spread them both internally and externally. These values will express themselves in, for example, your attitude. They are critical when it comes to selfless collaboration, continuously delivering quality and contributing to the shared goal. You will commit enthusiastically to our mission and demonstrate participation. You communicate clearly and ensure that you understand the information that is given to you. For you, it is natural to share your knowledge and help others improve the way they work. For us, collaboration, initiative and selfless taking of responsibility are the three pillars of a successful organisation.

Further information: https://express.candarine.com/campaign/ ... 3ba78c6fa0

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